J3 PATIÑO is the happy founder of Pinoy Money Academy, where he teaches Filipinos all over the world how to achieve financial freedom and financial abundance, and create their ideal lifestyle.

J3 is an entrepreneur, a coach and consultant, but most of all he prides himself in being an educator. His audience loves him for his energy and vibrancy, and his ability to explain things in the simplest way possible. His courses and programs are life-transforming. His  books, videos, seminars, and articles inspire tens of thousands of Filipino’s all over the world from different walks of life – from students, young professionals, starting families, to OFWs,  entrepreneurs and executives.

J3 is also a member of the Registered Financial Planners (RFP) of the Philippines, a former faculty member of the University of the Philippines, and most importantly a lifetime student of student of personal finance.

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J3's Products and Services

Stock Market for Pinoys

Learn how to conveniently invest in the Stock Market so that you too can achieve financial freedom and abundance.

The key to learning how to invest in the Stock Market it through the Mindset, Strategy and Tactics approach: Mindset answers the whys of investing. Strategy deals with how you will be able to integrate the stock market with your current lifestyle. While the tactics deal with the specific step-by-step and detailed aspects of it all. If you don’t learn this in the proper sequence, you’ll have a tough time understanding it.

Click here to get your FREE access to the “Take the Leap, Invest Within the Week” online seminar, where you can learn how to invest in the stock market in the simplest way.

Game of Wealth Online

There are only two kinds of people in the Game of Wealth: the winners, and those who have no idea it exists.

The game of wealth is a comprehensive 8-hr online seminar about the framework on how to achieve financial freedom and financial abundance. It gives a complete discussion on multiple topics of personal finance such as: wealth mindsets, managing and getting out of debt, earning money, budgeting, saving, insurance, investments, real estate, business, passive income, generosity, and so much more.

Click here to learn more about the “7 Stages in the Game of Wealth”, so you can find out where you are, and what you have to do in order to reach financial abundance.

MLM for Pinoys

MLMforPinoys.com is a website dedicated to helping Filipino network marketers achieve massive success in their business by teaching them the most effective ways of doing the business. J3 believes that network marketing is a wonderful industry to be in. However, being a relatively ‘young’ industry – not every company or team has the right training on how to do this business professionally. This is why he created MLM for Pinoys.com

The site features a compilation of the best practices in this industry in terms of how to prospect, invite, present, handle objections and close. The topics of belief, leadership and training are also discussed comprehensively. Click here to learn how you can receive these comprehensive MLM training materials.

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Current Projects

J3 has just released his new training program called "More Money, More Time and More Freedom". This is a FREE training series for people who want to learn how to earn passive income just using the computer and the internet. Check it out at: www.OnlineMarketingforPinoys.com