J3's Courses and Programs

J3 Patino’s courses and programs have been taken by more than 25,000 Filipinos world wide. His core message — ‘that we should all understand how money works in order to become masters of it, instead of being slaves. So that money will stop being an obstacle, but rather a tool to help us make our most precious dreams come true’. At the heart of all his works, be it an article, video, seminar, coaching program and online course, J3 wants you to be the master of your own money, so you can create the life you desire. Learn more about his courses and programs below.

How To Win the Game of Wealth!

There are only two kinds of people in the Game of Wealth:
the winners, and those who have no idea it exists.

The Game of Wealth Online Seminar is a premium and comprehensive course on the 7 stages of becoming wealthy. It focuses on the fundamental skills for building a solid financial foundation, taking on the topics of wealth mindsets, saving, budgeting, insurance, investments, business, real estate, and even charity. This is J3’s latest best-selling online course.

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Take the Leap, Invest Within the Week

Learn how to conveniently invest in the Stock Market so that
you too can achieve financial freedom and abundance.

“Take the Leap, Invest Within the Week” is a 5-part online seminar series. It discusses: why you should be investing, what is the stock market, how it works and then the techniques on how you can invest safely through different strategies.  This is J3’s most popular course that has been taken by over 15,000 Filipinos world wide.

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Online Marketing Jumpstarter

How to Build an Online Business that Gives You Passive Income

In this 3-part video series, J3 discusses 3 simple internet concepts that will enable anyone to generate big money online from the comfort of home. He also shares his business strategies that enabled him to sell P1.4 million worth of products last 2015, and top several affiliate contests in the Philippines.

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Unstoppable Productivity: How to Create Anything You Want In Life

The death of our dreams often comes at the onset of procrastination. But the reality is that  procrastination isn't really the problem - but often simply a symptom of a bigger problem. In this FREE training video, J3 presents and solves the 3 reasons why people procrastinate and provides a framework for unstoppable productivity.

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