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Dear Friend, 

I am going to make three assumptions:

1. You’ve got big and wonderful dreams for yourself and your family. 
2. You’ve wondered if and when those dreams can become reality. 
3. You’ve been told that to make all of those happen, you’ve got to work hard, be disciplined, and sacrifice or compromise in life.

These was also what I thought, until I learned…


There are Two Paths To Achieving Goals

The first path is the path of constraints

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Want more money? Work harder and smarter than everyone else. The cost is you’ll have to spend less time with the people you love, while spending even less time for yourself and your health. Your career success come at the cost of family and health.
  • Want to be healthier? Then you have to be extremely disciplined in avoiding unhealthy food, while motivating yourself to exercise at least 3x a week. Your sexiest version will come at the cost of your own happiness and comfort.
  • Want more peace in life? Then you have to disconnect from the busyness of life. Less social media and news, and more meditation. But the more you gain ‘inner peace’, the less you’ll be able to relate to your friends and family.

The path of constraints feels like life is a series of trades. You trade one good thing for hopefully a better thing. And you hope that in the series of trades you make with life, you come out ahead. The path of constraints feels like you are always fighting for your dreams, because no one else can make your goals happen except for you.

You can probably name times when you’ve been on the path of constraints. It happens when you badly want something to happen. You’re attached to make it happen. You sacrifice. Sometimes you get what you want and its amazing. But when things don’t go your way, the emotions are just as difficult.

Overall, being on the path of constraints, feels tiring, so you have to continuously motivate yourself. 

Thankfully, there is a lesser-known, alternative path...

The Alternative: The Path of Abundance

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Want more money? Then stop wanting money. Instead, do what makes you happy while serving others. The more people you help, while doing what you love, money flows to you naturally. You grow smarter, and work hard too, but all of it is intentional without sacrificing other aspects of life.
  • Want to be healthier? Then be happier. You start exercising because it feels good. You still eat food that you love, and you trust your body that everything you eat nourishes you. You feel good about yourself, and you look better in the process.
  • Want more peace in life? Then you accept life as it is. You accept yourself, both past and present knowing that everything that is happening is with purpose. By accepting yourself, you accept others too. This makes you radiate joy, others can’t help but notice your glow.

The path of abundance feels like life is one big opportunity to experience whatever you choose to experience. You live it daily with peace and joy knowing that all your success and happiness are guaranteed, and you are simply in the process of making them a reality.

With the path of abundance, life is a lot less logical, but more magical. It is as if the universe is conspiring for your success and happiness. Because of this, it feels invigorating and refreshing, that you simply can’t wait what today and tomorrow will bring.

There have been times when you’ve been on this path too! You may have called it God’s work, luck or fate, when things simply just went your way, and you had this “flow”. You may have also met other people who are on this path. They seem to radiate a “Zen-like” aura that they are one with life, and life is one with them.

This then brings us to the big question...

How Do You Go on the Path of Abundance?

(And achieve happiness and success in every area of life, without the stress, hustle and compromises?) 


Hi, I'm J3 Patino.

I also asked this question coming from a recent failure with one of my consulting projects. I was at a really low point where my ego was badly bruised, and I was emotionally tired. I wanted to step away from it all.

I thought this idea of abundance was the magical solution.

Now, for the vast majority of my life, I had been operating on believing that you can achieve anything as long as you worked hard enough for it.

So I did what I always did. I started reading books on it. The Law of Attraction. Meditation. Zen Buddhism. The Art of Surrender. Being Untethered. I was trying to look for a step-by-step practice for living life in abundance. 

But the more I studied abundance, the more it felt like it was out of reach. When I felt I was gaining understanding, I would come across another question that would invalidate everything I had learned. The entire path was confusing. 

It took me months to realize that by wanting abundance, I was only pushing it away. It may have looked like I was going towards abundance, but I was simply digging myself deeper into my own scarcity.

One night, when I was deeply frustrated at my lack of progress, a refreshing and comforting idea presented itself:

“To be on the path of abundance, I had to accept the path of constraints.”

Everything clicked.

I realized that I had to accept my old way of doing things: of wanting things badly, to obsessing over the outcome, and even being stressed in the process is also a part of life. I didn't need to avoid or reject all of it. Living in abundance simply meant that I could chose otherwise. 

In other words, the path of abundance is not the better or superior path. It is simply an alternative path, and all of the other paths are also acceptable. These alternatives simply give more flavor to the journey which we call life. 

This realization, lifted a huge burden from my shoulders. From dreading having to work, I was excited to get started. From being grumpy and negative all the time, I felt the love overflow again. 

It was as if the Universe was giving me a big giant hug, telling me to go all out, and be who I really wanted to be. That I didn't need to reject who I was, in fact, it was embracing it. 

I know it sounds magical, but it was really how it felt. 

The even more amazing thing is though, the feeling continued on the next day. And the next day, and the next. I would say it would be the longest streak, that I was living in abundance. 

And now if I were to summarize everything I've learned so far...

The 3 Steps to Living in Abundance


1. Unconditional Acceptance

Of yourself. Fully. Of who you are, and who you are not. Of your past and your present.
Of others and of the world. Of what it has given or not given you. 
Of the unknown future. Of God. Of the Universe. Of the things you will never know.

By fully accepting all of the things and people in your life, and deeply believing that everything is okay, even when things seem not to be, one begins the journey in abundance. And as one truly believes that they are complete and are capable to achieving anything, this leads to…

2. Unlimited Aspirations

To have dreams and aspirations are a natural part of life. However, when we come from the path of constraints, we generally set “realistic and achievable” goals. Because we believe we are limited in one way or another, we also limit our goals.

But when you are in a place of abundance, you believe that everything is possible. You start to pick goals and aspirations where your mind, body and soul are in alignment. Working towards these goals then become natural. Motivation, hard work and Discipline are still part of the equation, however it is no longer forced, they are chosen.

By having unlimited aspirations, you are then driven to…

3. Unwavering Actions

Each action then, comes from a place of intention of who you choose to be in that specific moment. This doesn’t mean having a plan of action for everything. It also doesn’t mean every action you make will lead to your desired result. This means doing all things with purpose, and trusting that your future self will continue to make its best choices.

Unconditional Acceptance + Unlimited Aspirations + Unwavering Actions = Unimaginable Abundance

Now these steps and formula may seem like it's over simplifying things. It may also seem like it sounds easy to say, but hard to do. 

But here's the surprising thing... 

Going on the path of abundance doesn’t require that you do anything different from what you are doing now.

It only requires that you see things differently. 

Because, when you start seeing things differently, you will naturally also do things differently. 

Thereby creating the changes you desire in life. 

The secret then is not to add more steps of doing, rather it becomes a process of deepening.

A deepening acceptance of oneself and the world. A deepening belief in your aspirations and your ability to turn it into reality. A deepening awareness in every action you take in every moment. 

And to help myself, and others deepen the experience of abundance, I created... 

Journey in Abundance:
A Daily Email Newsletter 

This is where I help people see the everyday expressions of abundance in your life, by sharing daily express of abundance.

By having a daily reminder of abundance, you will, day by day also get used to seeing things in abundance. This will allow you to act from abundance, and also realize abundance in your own life.

Now a simple daily email newsletter is something that I have never offered before (and in fact there's an interesting story of how I arrived at this idea below), so allow me to answer some comon questions you may have:

“How does the Journey in Abundance newsletter work?”

Once you join, you’ll receive the daily Journey in Abundance newsletter in your registered email.

The messages are all written daily, so you are not receiving a pre-written sequence of emails. This means every message of abundance is “live”, and daily inspired. This is a self-imposed rule for myself because it forces me to also stay open with my daily experience of abundance. This is also allowing the universe to guide me daily in what to write about.

“What kind of transformation can I expect?”

It varies from person to person, as each one would have different constraints in life which when ‘unlocked’ will suddenly receive abundance. Now without guaranteeing anything (as that would be unethical), here are stories of abundance experienced by myself and my students:

  • Getting clients, customers and/or job offers with ease.
  • Losing weight, even after eating a ton of food, even without exercise.
  • Having more love to give to your family.
  • Feeling happier and more peaceful despite being in a stressful environment.
  • Increased confidence and courage in saying what you really want and think.
  • Increased creativity and inspiration, good ideas coming out of nowhere. (Also getting answers to questions that you’re stuck on).
  • Sleeping better and longer through the night.

Your story may be the same or different, as abundance is uniquely expressed with each person.

"Why is it a daily email and not an online course instead?”

Because as you choose the path of abundance, you will encounter it in many ordinary and everyday things.

Abundance manifests itself through your spouse, kids or siblings, parents, and old friends. It can manifest from your colleagues, customers, and sometimes people you’ve never even met. It manifests in the weather, insects, animals, and other beautiful and strange things in nature. It can be seen in world events, politics, science, showbiz, and technology. It can come from a book written 500 years ago, or an event that is just happening now.

Thru short, varied, and daily reminders of abundance, you learn to see abundance in everything, everyone and every day.

Having said this, I believe daily emails are much better in helping others live in abundance, compared to an online course that students will likely watch once and forget in the future.

“This sounds awesome. How can I join?”

I’m glad you asked! I’m currently offering a 7-day free trial which you can subscribe to. You’ll receive original and live messages of abundance for the next 7 days, just like our paying members. 

This will be an awesome way to try and see if it’s something that you’ll find helpful. 

After the 7-day period, you’ll be invited to join Journey to Abundance for the year for P3650 per year. There will be no pressure to join, should you decide that its not for you.


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“What's the story behind Journey in Abundance”

In early March 2022, I was experimenting with asking the universe for guidance. You see, that same time I was just about to finish a book I was writing for myself about abundance. I asked, what should I do next after this? Should I make an online course or a coaching program? Or maybe something where I create something weekly? 

The universe answered instantly. It said: 365. 

At that same time, my 4-year old daughter was learning about robots in school. The school gave us a project to create a robot costume for my daughter. So I asked, her what robot should we make? 

She answered the robot in the game Just Dance, where her favorite song was 365, by Katy Perry ft. Zedd.

It clicked in the sense that abundance is experienced daily, 365 days in a year. It is not a one-time course, monthly, or even a weekly thing. This then became the birth of the Journey in Abundance Newsletter. 

Here is the photo of the robot from Just Dance, and the costume we ended up making. 

Now to be honest in the process, there have been many times when I doubted myself, especially this was something I had never done. So several times, I asked the Universe again, is this really the right path? 

The following day, I got an email with a payment to join the Journey in Abundance. The first customer. That was the biggest sign for me. 

And now, as I'm writing this page, specifically about the 7-day free trial...

I asked again, "am I on the right path?" 

The following day, I got a message from an intern I hired from 4 years ago, and we haven't talked since. It was one of those Instagram quotes entitled: "Carry on". 

So this Journey in Abundance, is a project with the universe. And I leave it to the universe too, to surprise us in its daily expressions of abundance.

“Anything else I should know before signing up?”

That's it! Honestly, I'm already glad that you read this entire page. 

If you did, there's a good chance the Journey in Abundance is for you. The best way to really know is to sign-up for the 7-day free trial. 

Once you do, you'll start to receive a quick orientation email, then the actual daily messages of abundance already. 

Hope to see you there! 


May you continue your day in abundance,